Parents can be a powerful voice in advocating for effective school library programs. Parents want their children to have the tools to be successful in school and in life.

The Pennsylvania PTA strongly supports school libraries as evidenced in this resolution. 

Pennsylvania PTA Position Statement on Public School Library Programs

AASL Advocacy Brochure for Parents – in both English and Spanish; packets of 25 can be ordered from ALA


Resources for Librarians

Keystone PTA Website and Membership Information – Join the PaPTA

National PTA Standards

PTO vs. PTA: Differences at a Glance, published in PTO Today.

Creating a Parent Advocacy Plan,  a chart published in School Library Monthly February 2007

AASL’s Parent Advocate Toolkit  

Blog: “Librarian Tip: Improve Communication with ParentsElementary Librarian


Tools for Parents

The AASL School Librarian Job Description


Pennsylvania school library curriculum -Model Curriculum for Learners in PA School Libraries 

[For grade level bands and more detail, click here]

 Handout: Does Your Child Have Access to a Quality School Library?  by the Texas Association of School Librarians

 Infographic: “The Largest Classroom at Your Child’s School? The Library! 10 Reasons to Visit and Use Your School Library” by the Texas Association of School Librarians 

Blog: “Here’s Why You Should Thank Your School Librarian,” April 10, 2019 

AASL resources for parents and guardians

Videos aligned to AASL Standards by the Tacoma Public Schools Librarians

Video: Does Your School Have a Teacher Librarian? California School Librarians Association, 2014.

More videos at the LibGuide

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Article: “Why School Librarians Matter: What Years of Research Tell Us.” Phi Delta Kappan, by Keith Curry Lance and Debra E. Kachel, March 26, 2018

PSEA’s The Voice journal July 2017 issue features “Libraries: The Hub of the School

Standing Up For School Libraries
An op-ed letter written by Barbara Stripling, ALA President, 2013-2014, published in Our Children, April/May 2014.

School Library Story: When libraries thrive and when they crumble
A video by Joyce Valenza about impact of school library programs and school librarians on students.

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