What We Do?

The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association provides school librarians with professional development opportunities and current information through various means of communication. Its members are advocates of high standards for librarianship and library programs in the public, private, academic, and charter schools in Pennsylvania. PSLA cooperates with state and national organizations to improve all aspects of education, and supports the inherent right of the individual to have access to ideas and information.

Why should I become a member of PSLA?

PSLA is an outstanding association of approximately 850 members that provides workshops, support for school librarians, and opportunities to network. It provides the opportunity for leadership growth through joining committees or running for elected office. Additionally, each member of PSLA has access to additional online resources including professional development resources, the membership directory, and member publications by logging into the PSLA website. Members receive a discounted rate to attend Annual Conference if membership is attained prior to registering for the conference.

How do I become a member of a specific committee?

Volunteers to serve on committees are always welcome and needed. Committee work provides a valuable opportunity to network with fellow library professionals and to use your talents for the benefit of the association and the profession. To join a committee, please fill out the PSLA Committee Member Interest  form.

What is PSLA's address and phone number?

The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association is operated by school librarians who volunteer their time and by officers/board members who are elected by members of the organization. Because of this, the association does not have a headquarters, and there is no single address or phone number for PSLA. Should you have a question, comment, suggestion, or other need to contact our organization, please use the Contact Us form or email us at [email protected]

How often is the PSLA Website updated? Who updates the PSLA Website?

We work hard to keep our website current. When new information becomes available through committees and others in leadership positions, it is the goal of the Communications Committee to post that information as soon as possible. 

I'm interested in becoming a school librarian in Pennsylvania. Where can I locate information about doing so?

School librarianship is a wonderful career! The "Become a School Librarian" section of the website will provide you with information about this topic as well as links to other pertinent websites.

I'm a school librarian in another state and am planning to move to Pennsylvania. How do I become certified in the field of school librarianship?

As teachers, school librarians are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), which has information about their certification requirement, as well as information for those who live out of state.

I'm a certified classroom teacher who would like to learn how to become a school librarian. What information is available on your website to help me with this?

Experienced teachers are wonderful additions to the field of school librarianship. Information about school library programs in our state and certification requirements is available in the “Become a School Librarian” section of the website.