Pennsylvania Library Legislation

Pennsylvania State School Librarian Legislation Update – March 2021

The “One Certified Librarian per Public School” 

 Companion bills are being introduced in both the PA House and Senate. Co-sponsors are being sought to show support as each bill will be assigned to their respective Education Committees. The House bill has been introduced by prime sponsors -- Rep. Mark Longietti (D-serving part of Mercer county) and Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R- serving parts of Lehigh and Berks counties). A Senate version is being developed at this time with new prime sponsors.


In April after the PSLA Conference, we will be initiating a “Call to Action” to contact your PA House Representative and your PA state Senator today to encourage them to sign the co-sponsorship memoranda. Refer to the “One Certified Librarian per Public School” bill.

To find out who your state legislators are and contact info, type your full address here.

Remember, you may have two sets of state legislators who you can contact—ones for your home address, and possibly different ones for your work address. Check both addresses and contact all Representatives and Senators!

The Ask: Please sign the co-sponsorship memoranda One “Certified Librarian” Per Public School

Possible Talking Points:

  • All students deserve to have access to quality resources and instruction that a school library program and certified librarian provides, not just those who live in a wealthy zip code.

  • School librarians teach students to evaluate information that they read, see or view, learning how to distinguish reliable and trustworthy information from misinformation and fake news.

  • Other types of libraries are required to have certified librarians in Pennsylvania, but not our public schools.

  • Please add a personal story of how your school library program made a difference with a student!

 Resources to Help Advocate for the Legislation (.pdfs)

Pennsylvania Candidates Support School Libraries - November 1, 2020

  • Reported by Debra E. Kachel, Co-Chair of the PSLA Advocacy Committee
  • The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, with the assistance of EveryLibrary, recently conducted a survey of candidates running for seats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly to gage their support for school library programs. Overwhelmingly, candidates expressed their support of school libraries and certified librarians, including funding and regulations for all schools to have school librarians for K-12 students. Almost 20% of candidates responded (N= 64) as of November 1, 2020. 

Read the FULL REPORT HERE for names and responses!