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PSLA is dedicated to enabling every student to pursue information and to promote the ideas and practices of better school libraries. Becoming a member of PSLA affords you professional development, library services, and more.  If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Coordinators - Lindsey Long and Randi Wall : [email protected].

Joining PSLA will:

  • Enable you to have a voice to positively impact the field of school librarianship
  • Provide you with current trends and best practices for professional growth
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate and network with fellow school librarians to impact student achievement
  • Provide Legislative Advocacy

PSLA Listserv

The listserv is open only to members of PSLA. All new members are automatically added to the listserv upon membership payment. To post to the listserv, please send an email to [email protected] and follow the guidelines stated in the PSLA Listserv Policy. 

Tips for Renewing Your Membership

Maximizing Your PSLA Membership

  • Are you wondering how to get the most out of your PSLA membership? If so, then this Maximizing Your PSLA Membership webinar is for you! Various PSLA leaders will cover topics to help you navigate through all that the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association has to offer. 


  • Please consider using your home email address when joining PSLA since many school district filters block email communication.
  • PSLA requires your school district's purchase order and your membership renewal information.
  • Please remit payment within 30 days of joining or renewing.
  • Please log-in to your profile if you have had a change of address, email or phone number.


Membership Types

Active Members

  • Pennsylvania practicing school librarians (school geographic location)
  • Retired school librarians
  • Educators, directors, or supervisors of school librarians

This category affords the member an active voice with all voting privileges in the Association, receipt of all publications, as well as the opportunity to serve the Association in leadership capacities.

All Pennsylvania practicing school librarians seeking membership fall under the "Active" membership category.

Active Member dues -  $60
Retired Active Member dues -  $60
NEW!  Enroll for 2 years at one time with a savings of $10 - $110

Associate Members

  • Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate school library program
  • Retired school librarians
  • Public, Academic and Special librarians
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Individuals not actively involved in the school library media field
  • Individuals and/or organizations actively promoting education or libraries throughout Pennsylvania
  • Out-of-State school librarians (school geographic location)
This membership type does not include the opportunity to serve the Association in leadership capacities.
This category will include a subscription to only online publications and will not include voting privileges.

Associate Member dues -  $30
Retired Associate Member dues - $30
Student Member dues -  $20


Honorary Membership (Lifetime Members)

  • Individuals designated by the Board who have served the profession with distinction
  • Recipients of the Distinguished Contributor Award

Honorary membership privileges for life shall be that of the recipient’s membership status at the time of the award.