Survey of Library Staffing in PA Public Schools  

Each year since 2012, the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association has conducted a survey of the school districts and independent schools in the state in regards to library staffing for the current school year. This data has been extremely valuable in our legislative and advocacy efforts over the past nine years, and we greatly appreciate the assistance of all of the school librarians, library staff and administrators who have helped us gather this data.

This year’s survey is in progress and will close on February 28, 2022. You can access the survey using the following links:

To complete the survey for a school district, please use this link:

To complete the survey for an independent school entity, please use this link:

A few reminders:

  • We ask that ONLY ONE survey be completed for each school district or independent school entity, so please coordinate with your fellow librarians to decide who will fill it out. 

  • Please be sure to use the appropriate link below for your school situation. 

  • Before completing the survey, please gather the following information: 

  • How many library staff (professional and paraprofessional) you currently have, 
  • How many library staff (professional and paraprofessional) you had last year
  • What changes were made in staffing between last year and this year
  • Which levels in your school entity purchase electronic resources beyond POWER Library.