Model Curriculum for Pennsylvania School Library Programs (2012)

The Model Curriculum for Pennsylvania School Library Programs provides a curricular framework in information literacy for school librarians to partner with teachers to help students achieve 44 of the PA Core Standards in English Language Arts, Reading and Writing in Science and Technology/Technical Subjects, Reading and Writing in History and Social Studies, and in the Academic Standards for Business, Computer, and Information Technology.

The Model Curriculum follows the model used by the SAS Quality Review Team of the PDE, which is the Understanding by Design framework of developing curriculum, instruction, and student assessment designed for ASCD by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs

Model Curriculum Training Powerpoint (PDF)

The Model Curriculum Overview 2014 (pp. i-xv)  Explanation of components of The Model Curriculum and how to use it to teach information literacy

The Model Curriculum, Part 1  (pp. 1-23)  Table of Contents for Supporting Documents, Structure of The Model Curriculum and its alignment with PA Core Standards and Stage 1 Desired Results:  Long-term Transfer Goals, Big Ideas, Essential Questions, Library Information Concepts, Concepts Correlated with PA Core Standards, Concepts by Grade Band

The Model Curriculum, Part 2  (pp. 24-45)   Stage 1 Desired Results:  Student Competencies PK-12  across the four grade bands

Student Competencies: Grade Band PK-2

Student Competencies: Grade Band 3-5

Student Competencies: Grade Band 6-8

Student Competencies: Grade Band 9-12 

The Model Curriculum, Part 3  (pp.  46-64) Stage 2 Assessment Evidence:  GRASPS Template, Sample GRASPS, Performance Tasks for Clustered Big Ideas/Library Information Concepts and Grade Bands; Stage 3 Learning Plan:  Performance Tasks by Big Ideas and Library Information Concepts, WHERETO Template and Template Explanation, Examples of Instructional Strategies

Model Curriculum For PA School Library Programs Standards (graphic)

Stages 1, 2, 3 Grade Band PK-2 Model Curriculum (Word)

Stages 1, 2, 3 Grade Band 3-5 Model Curriculum (Word)

Stages 1, 2, 3 Grade Band 6-8 Model Curriculum (Word)

Stages 1, 2, 3 Grade Band 9-12 Model Curriculum (Word)

A graphic showing how many PA Core Standards are included in The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs.

Learning Plan

Learning Plan documents include the performance tasks with rubric WHERETOs, correlated instructional strategies and student learning experiences, and related supporting resources.

Learning Plan Supplement documents include the student competencies for which there are no performance tasks or learning plans. Included are suggestions for developing written, oral, or visual performance tasks for these competencies as well as a list of other sources of assessment evidence.

Learning Plan:  Grade Band Pre-Kindergarten-2  (pp. 1-42)

Learning Plan Supplement:  Grade Band Pre-Kindergarten-2  (pp. 1-28)

Learning Plan:  Grade Band 3-5  (pp. 1-42)

Learning Plan Supplement:  Grade Band 3-5  (pp. 1-17)

Learning Plan:  Grade Band 6-8  (pp. 1-46)

Learning Plan Supplement:  Grade Band 6-8  (pp. 1-10)

Learning Plan:  Grade Band 9-12  (pp. 1-60)

Learning Plan Supplement:  Grade Band 9-12  (pp. 1-20)

GRASP Template (Word)

WHERETO Template (Word)

WHERETO Template Explanation (Word)

PDE SAS Portal

The following documents are available to download in  PDF format on the PDE SAS Portal. The curriculum consists of four documents:

  • Library Model Curriculum
  • PA Standards Alignment Chart
  • Library Model Curriculum- Long Term Transfer Goals
  • Library Information Concepts Arranged by Big Ideas


PSLA would like to thank the following members for their work on the Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs:

Mary K. Biagini, Ph.D., Jean Dyszel, Ed.D. , Eileen Kern, Dustin Brackbill, Allison Burrell, Sue Dahlstrom, Mimi Flaherty, Elizabeth Galaska, Laurren Kresge, Patricia McNeill, Melody Nissley, Maureen Staub, Lauren Strohecker, Amanda Deck, Dotty Delafield, Mary Grace Kelly, Katie Miller, Jamie Scott, Karen Topper, Cathi Fuhrman, Ed.D, Allison Mackley, Patty McClune, Erin Parkinson, Amy Pickett, Kristen Rowe, Jeffrey Weiss, Susan Pannebaker, Sara Gearhart