June 22, 2020 - #SaveSchoolLibrarians Day

We face a crisis! Right now, school boards across Pennsylvania are voting to eliminate school library programs and librarians in next year’s budgets. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to amplify and define our roles in effective school reopening plans whether online or in-person. All students deserve equitable school library opportunities. This message must reach all stakeholders before short-sighted cuts lead to long-term educational inequities.

Step up and lead on behalf of all students! The PSLA Advocacy Committee has created sharable “card” messages to be used in social media posts. The “cards” succinctly convey that all K-12 students benefit from an effective school library program and a certified school librarian. Card images are located in this Flickr album. You will find Social Media Storm: Suggested Posts you can use as well as blank cards for customized visuals.

Take action now!Sign! Tweet! Retweet! Post! Repost!

  1. Go to SaveSchoolLibrarians.org/pa and sign and share the “PSLA Open Letter to School Boards Across Pennsylvania” and share it with others.

  2. Participate in our Social Media Storm on #SaveSchoolLibrarians Day, Monday, June 22 by getting our message out to school administrators, school board members, teachers, parents, and school and community organizations.

    1. Use PSLA’s Hashtag Bank to select hashtags and handles of stakeholders to tag via social media.

    2. Select a card on this Flickr gallery or create your own message with the blank templates. Need additional message ideas? Check out our Social Media Storm: Suggested Posts.

    1. Use the hashtag #SaveSchoolLibrariansso we can monitor activity and impact across the state. 

    2. Copy and paste the URL SaveSchoolLibrarians.org/pa in your tweets, Facebook, Instagram posts. Consider making your Facebook posts public to ensure they are shared. 

    3. Retweet and/or like the posts of others to amplify all messages with additional hashtags.

    4. Remember: The best stories you can share are your own. Include your own media in your posts. So, be creative!

  1. Encourage others to retweet/repost with additional hashtags and handles. 

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