Summer PD: Self-Paced Course- Work That Matters

Four self-guided modules that support members to reconnect with their profession, realize their value, and understand their impact. Members are encouraged to embrace their abilities and think about how they communicate their relevance.

The modules include short instructional videos and a downloadable workbook. The course of modules takes around 2 hours to complete, or members can do one module at a time, fitting it into their schedule as needed. These modules are based on the Work That Matters series of workshops that took place summer 2023. They have been designed to introduce new members to the series and serve as refresher content for previous participants.


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Summer PD #2: Self-Paced Scenario Planning

An introduction to scenario planning, a futures thinking and foresight tool, used by individuals and groups, to think about and have conversations about what the future might look like.

Scenario planning is a creative yet rational approach to strategy development that encourages people to learn about change and focus on uncertainty rather than trying to learn about or predict the future. This approach creates a safe space to discuss sensitive topics and assumptions by focusing on future possibilities. It often leads to open and honest conversations about anxieties and aspirations.

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