Celebrate and Act Now - HB1355

Celebrate and Act Now - HB1355

We now have SIXTY-TWO co-sponsors for HB 1355 - One Certified Librarian Per Public School. This is amazing work that many school librarians have done in talking with and meeting with PA Representatives all over the state. Thanks also to our Local and State Advocacy Committee and Deb Kachel/Co-Chair for the many phone calls, visits, and emails to get this far.  Let's celebrate this accomplishment - but continue to work for more co-sponsors and keep the momentum moving.

If your representative is listed below - Send them an email, make a phone call or schedule a visit to thank them personally. Remind them why this legislation is so important to the students in Pennsylvania.

If your representative isn't listed below - Send them an email, make a phone call or schedule a visit to ask them to become a co-sponsor on the bill. Remind them why this legislation is so important to the students in Pennsylvania.

Resources to help you are found here: https://psla.memberclicks.net/pa-librarian-legislation

House Bill “One Certified Librarian Per Public School”  (Updated 8/12/19)

Co-sponsors: 2 prime + 60 co-sponsors

LONGIETTI, Mark - prime sponsor, Democrat, serving Mercer County (Part)

MURT, Thomas - prime sponsor, Republican, parts of Montgomery and Philadelphia Co.

DONATUCCI, Maria - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part), Delaware County (Part)

RAVENSTAHL, Adam - Democrat, Serving Allegheny county (Part)

SCHLOSSBERG, Michael - Democrat, serving Lehigh County (Part)

HOHENSTEIN, Joseph - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

KINSEY, Stephen - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

ISAACSON, Mary Louise Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

HARKINS, Pat - Democrat, serving Erie County (Part)

DAVIS, Tina - Democrat, serving Bucks County (Part)

WEBSTER, Joe  - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

McCARTER, Stephen - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

HEFFLEY, Doyle - Republican, serving Carbon County (Part)

NEILSON, Ed - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

READSHAW, Harry - Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

FRANKEL, Dan - Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

FREEMAN, Robert - Democrat, serving Northampton County (Part)

DALEY, Mary Jo - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

HILL-EVANS, Carol  - Democrat, serving York County (Part)

McCLINTON, Joanna - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part), Delaware County (Part)

MULLINS, Kyle - Democrat, serving Lackawanna County (Part) 

KIM, Patty - Democrat, serving Dauphin County (Part)

RABB, Chris - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

SAYLOR, Stan - Republican, serving York County (Part)

SOLOMON, Jared - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

KORTZ, II, William C. – Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

ROEBUCK, James - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

RADER, Jack - Republican, serving Monroe County (Part)

STEPHENS, Todd - Republican, serving Montgomery County (Part)

BRIGGS, Tim - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

BOBACK, Karen - Republican, serving Lackawanna County (Pt), Luzerne County (Pt), Wyoming Co.

BIZZARRO, Ryan- Democrat, serving Erie County (Part)

SCHWEYER, Peter - Democrat, serving Lehigh County (Part)

MILLER, Dan – Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

GAINEY, Ed - Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

STURLA, P. Michael - Democrat, serving Lancaster County (Part)

CALTAGIRONE, Thomas R. – Democrat, serving Berks County (Part)

SIMS, Brian - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

DRISCOLL, Michael - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

DAWKINS, Jason - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

HARRIS, Jordan - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

FITZGERALD, Isabella - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

DAVIDSON, Margo - Democrat, serving Delaware County (Part)

JOHNSON-HARRELL, Movita - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

BURGOS, Danilo - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

FLYNN, Marty - Democrat, serving Lackawanna County (Part)

YOUNGBLOOD, Rosita - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County

CEPHAS, Morgan - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

BOYLE, Kevin - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part), Montgomery County (Part)

SAINATO, Chris - Democrat, serving Lawrence County (Part)

MALAGARI, Steven - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

BRADFORD, Matthew - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

CRUZ, Angel - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

BULLOCK, Donna - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

CIRESI, Joe - Democrat, serving Montgomery County (Part)

KENYATTA, Malcolm - Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

MADDEN, Maureen - Democrat, serving Monroe County (Part)

OTTEN, Danielle Friel - Democrat, serving Chester County (Part)

McNEILL, Jeanne – Democrat, serving Lehigh County (Part)

WARREN, S. Perry - Democrat, serving Bucks County (Part)

MACKENZIE, Ryan E.- Republican, serving parts of Lehigh and Berks Counties (Part)

KRUEGER, Leanne- Democrat, serving Delaware County (Part)


Yellow highlighting = Members of the House Education Committee

Transforming lives, 
Cathi Fuhrman, Ed.D.
PSLA President
Library Department Supervisor, Hempfield School District
Landisville, PA 17538
2015/16 Lilead Fellow
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