Reopening 2020

To the Pennsylvania School Reopening Task Force-

The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) would like to provide feedback on the June 18, 2020 Pennsylvania School Reopening Task Force Report.  We understand that this is the first iteration and is requesting input on future reports. PSLA is currently gathering exemplar reopening plans both from PA school librarians as well as from other state education agencies in the U.S.

We strongly believe that school districts can adhere to CDC and the PA DOH guidelines while school librarians retain their current roles. This will enable school librarians to provide information literacy and digital instruction and be able to support students and teachers who need access to vital digital and print resources. School librarians meet 43 of the PA Core Standards as referenced in The Model Curriculum for Learners in Pennsylvania School Libraries found on the SAS Portal. In the event that districts need to implement online learning from home, school librarians play a crucial role in providing library services, instruction and support to students and teachers via their library websites, portals of curated resources and digital tutorials to students,

PSLA welcomes a pathway to provide input, as well as the research and examples that we are continuing to gather. One reopening plan crafted by the Missouri School Boards’ Association, entitled Pandemic Recovery Considerations: Re-Entry and Reopening of Schools, included an Appendix (p. 97) that specifies directions for school libraries. See image below.  The full report can be found here:

We continue to gather more research and sample plans from other states as well and would like to be part of the next interaction of the task force. We look forward to providing our expertise as librarians in order to support schools and students.