EveryLibrary with its website SaveSchoolLibrarians.org has partnered with PSLA since 2017. Thanks to Follett and other donors, EveryLibrary, a national, non-profit library advocacy organization assists PSLA in creating targeted advocacy campaigns that bring together research, activism, and support systems to re-engage school decision makers about school library programs and librarians that improve student outcomes. SaveSchoolLibrarians.org hosts several Pennsylvania school library campaigns. At the following sites, individuals can send automated, targeted messages to key stakeholders.

“Philadelphia Students Deserve School Libraries!” https://www.saveschoollibrarians.org/philly2019

“Keep School Librarians in Pennsylvania” https://www.saveschoollibrarians.org/pa2019 in support of support Pennsylvania school library legislation

“Restore PA Librarians Sign-On Letter” for organizations to sign on to support school library programs and librarians in Pennsylvania https://www.saveschoollibrarians.org/restore_pa_librarians_sign_on_letter

“Save Greensburg Salem School Librarians” https://www.saveschoollibrarians.org/salemgreensburg

The Restore Philadelphia School Librarians Rally, January 24, 2020

Raly to Restore

The Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians, held on January 24, 2020, was a joint effort among advocacy partners, PSLA, EveryLibrary, and the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools (APPS). Rally Message: Every student deserves a certified school librarian and a quality school library. Although there are over 125,000 students and 215 district-operated schools in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), there are only six school librarians in the district, making it the worst librarian to student ratio in the nation.  More information about the rally can be found here.