Text Complexity

Background Information on Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy: Text Complexity 

Simplifying Text Complexity (Teaching Channel)

A video that explains the term of text complexity. (19 minutes)

New Research on Text Complexity

A 10 page overview that explains the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of text complexity along with the reader and task considerations. 

Quantitative Dimensions

A table of the test complexity grade bands and associated ranges from multiple measures.

Qualitative Measures Rubric: Informational Text

A rubric that the evaluates the purpose, structure, language, and knowledge demands of informational text

Qualitative Measures Rubric: Literary Text

A rubric that the meaning, structure, language and knowledge demands of literary text

Considerations for Reader and Task

A list of considerations that includes cognitive capabilities, reading skills, motivation and engagement with task and text, prior knowledge and experience, content and/or theme concerns and complexity of associated tasks