Research Findings (National)

Researchers have proven that a quality school library program with a certified school librarian who teaches information literacy skills to students improves academic achievement. Conducted over the past 30 years and 22 states, these statewide studies examined students’ standardized reading test scores and other indicators of student learning and correlated them to components of school library programs.

For a review of this research, visit the following sites:

School Library Impact Studies Project.

A project by the Spring 2011 class of LSC 5530, School Library Advocacy, of the School Library & Information Technologies Graduate Program, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

Printed the booklet “School Library Research Summarized: A Graduate Class Project”

 School Library Impact Studies

Links to the research done in 21 states  by the Library Research Service. 

Impact Studies of School Libraries.

Links to the reserach done by the School of Communication and Information. Rutgers University

 School Libraries Work! 3rd ed.

A summary of the research published by Scholastic in 2008