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Model Curriculum

 The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs is being developed as a collaborative effort between Commonwealth Libraries and the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) over a three-year period using the Understanding by Design model of curriculum designed for the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. 

Understanding by Design curriculum model uses three stages of development:  Stage 1 Desired Results, Stage 2 Assessment Evidence and Stage 3 Learning Plan.  The document posted on the PDE SAS Portal concentrates on Stage One:  Desired Results, which provides established goals (the 44 PA Common Core Standards and Academic Standards for which librarians take primary instructional responsibility), the big ideas of understanding and the essential questions that prompt understanding and the competencies/skills that students should be able to perform.

The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs

Available to download in  PDF format on the PDE SAS Portal. The curriculum consists of four documents:

  • Library Model Curriculum
  • PA Standards Alignment Chart
  • Library Model Curriculum- Long Term Transfer Goals
  • Library Information Concepts Arranged by Big Ideas

Supplementary documents to assist in the implementation of the curriculum are:

A graphic showing how many PA Core Standards are included in The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs.

Training on Stage 2 of The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs 

Recorded at the Model Curriculum Training for Grades 9-12 at the 2014 PSLA Conference (2.5 hours). The background information is the same for all grade levels. The password was sent out to all PSLA members. To request the password, please contact

Background Information on Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design with Grant Wiggins (a YouTube video)

Grant Wiggins discusses the rationale of using Understanding by Design in development of curriculum and lessons.


If you would like to arrange a training in your area on the Model Curriculum for School Library Programs, please use the Contact Us form and specify "Trainings." 

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