Our Board

Front Row (left to right): Allison Mackley, President-Elect; Jennifer Bates, President; Allison Burrell, Immediate Past President, Cathi Fuhrman, Vice President

Second Row (left to right): Natalie Hawley, Treasurer; Mary Schwander, Director; Robin Burns, Director; Patricia McNeill, Secretary; Jamie Scott, Director; Craig McFeely, Director


President Jennifer Bates  jbates@psla.org 
President-Elect Allison Mackley amackley@psla.org
Vice President Cathi Fuhrman cfuhrman@psla.org
Secretary Patricia McNeill pslaboard@psla.org
Treasurer Natalie Hawley pslaboard@psla.org
Immediate Past President Allison Burrell aburrell@psla.org


Director Robin Burns pslaboard@psla.org 
Director Craig McFeely pslaboard@psla.org 
Director Jamie Scott pslaboard@psla.org 
Director                                  Mary Schwander pslaboard@psla.org 


Board Announcements 

Summary of Board Meetings and other announcements from our Board.

Path to Becoming a PSLA Board Member or Officer