School administrators are the pivotal decision makers in determining effectiveness of the school library program on student achievement. The administrators decide the level of funding for staff and resources, which are the key factors that impact the school library program.

Keep in mind that while the state legislature annually decides how much money each school district receives as their "Basic Education Subsidy," it is the superintendent and the school board who decide how those funds are allocated to departments within the school.

Recognizing this fact means that the school librarian must provide evidence that supports the district priorities in educating students. If it is test scores, the school librarian needs to analyze the school's scores and show how school library program impacts the scores. If it is improving graduation rates, the librarian needs to become active on those committees and develop strategies that include school library services. 

Get to know the priorities of your administrators! Work with them to develop and implement the school library mission and vision. Focus your advocacy actions on those priorities making sure the administrators know how the school library program is helping achieve success. Make yourself indispensable to your administrators! The students and school library program will benefit!