PSLA Committees

Committee Structure

  • Each committee will have 2 chairs plus a board liaison
  • PSLA Members can volunteer to serve the organization in one of 5 ways: Awards, Communications, Conference, Operations, or Teaching & Learning
  • Task Groups and Coordinators will work on a specific task or duty.  Just because you are on a committee (a large field of service) – doesn’t mean that you have to do every task under that committee.  You can continue to do the tasks for the Association that you are interested in.
  • Calls will go out from the co-chairs for Task Groups and Task Coordinators for specific tasks for specific time periods. 

Awards Committee Co-Chairs: Melissa Daugherty and Lauren Strohecker 

Example Tasks:

  • Program Awards (School District and Individual Program)
  • Individual Awards (Contributor, Administrator, PA Author/Illustrator)
  • High School Students Contest
  • Student Librarian Awards (Undergrad & Graduate Programs)
  • Scholarships
  • Young Readers’ Choice Awards

Communications Committee Co-Chairs: Ann Schmidt and Laura Ward

Example Tasks:

  • Message Content
    • Develop or curate content of messages to be shared with the following Association stakeholders
      • Members (existing and potential)
      • Educational Organizations and Entities
      • Administrators
      • Content Teachers
      • Parents/Civic Groups
      • School Boards
      • Government Entities (PDE, legislators, etc.)
    • Collect data on the status of school library programs within the Commonwealth
  • Message Delivery
    • Disseminate the message using appropriate delivery vehicle(s) 
      • Website
      • Social Media Tools
      • Listserv
      • Electronic Newsletter (Quantum)
      • News Releases/Updates
      • Contact Person

Conference Committee Co-Chairs: Cathi Fuhrman and Caitlin Linsenmann

Example Tasks:

  • Planning schedule, program, fees, and events
  • Registration
  • Sponsorships and Exhibits
  • Evaluation and Professional Credits

Operations Committee Co-Chairs: Bob McConnell and Vickie Saltzer

Example Tasks:

  • Governance
    • Maintain, monitor, and update the official records (ex. Articles of Incorporation, Constitution. and Bylaws), documents (ex. archives, mission, vision and strategic plan), and inventory associated with the governing of the Association.
  • Membership
    • Maintain the official membership file and be responsible for the collection of dues
    • Advise the Board on matters related to membership structure and dues.
    • Maintain subscriptions to PSLA Listserv
  • Leadership Development
    • Identify and develop leadership with in the Association
    • Conduct nominations and elections in accordance with the provisions in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association

Teaching & Learning Committee Co-Chairs: Dustin Brackbill and Kristin Crans

Example Tasks

  • Develop, review and inform members about content related to teaching and learning
    • Curriculum
    • Standards (academic standards, program standards, certification standards)
    • Diverse leaners
    • Teacher Effectiveness
    • Digital Resources (apps, websites, management tools) 
    • Library administration
    • Promotional events
  • Deliver content related to teaching and learning utilizing various vehicles
    • Face-to-face
    • Online (ex.webinars, online courses, blogs)

Volunteer to serve on a committee or task group HERE!