Policies and History

The PSLA Board of Directors has adopted and amended the following policies to guide the operation of the Assocation.

Administrative Policies

Administrative Assistant   Membership   PSLA Representative
Affiliate Assembly Representative   Officers   Resolutions- Policy
Amending the Constitution and Bylaws   Promotional Display/Exhibit Costs   Resolutions-Form
Board of Directors Organizational Chart   PSLA Handbook   Safe Deposit Box
Financial   PSLA Incorporation   Social Media Networking
Fixed Assets   PSLA Listserv   Special Interest Groups
Local Affiliation   PSLA Logo (Service Mark) Use   Conflict of Interest

Committee Policies

Awards- Outstanding Contributor

Awards- Me? A School Librarian Contest   Communications- Legislative Alerts
Awards- Outstanding Invidual Library Program

Awards- Outstanding Student Librarian
  Operations- Archives
Awards- Outstanding PA Author/Illustrator
  Awards- PA Young Reader's Choice Program   Operations- Special Needs
Awards- Outstanding School Administrator
Awards- Outstanding School Library District Award
  Communications- PSLA Web Page    



PSLA Officers and Committee Chairs (pdf)  

PSLA Officers and Committee Chairs (doc)



Note: Policies that are not linked are under revision.