2017 Board Elections

Meet the 2017 Candidates for PSLA Elections:

Candidate Overview

Vice President:

Cathi Fuhrman

Two-year Term Director (vote for two):

Robin Burns

Jane Farrell

 Craig McFeely 

 Katherine (Kate) E. Palladino

One-year Term Director (vote for one):

 Jamie Scott

Karey Killian 

PSLA Bylaws with the proposed addition:

Amendment #1

The following amendment has been approved by the Board for referral to the Membership for ratification in accordance with the PSLA Bylaws, Article II

The rationale for proposing this change is to provide more members the chance to serve on the PSLA Board of Directors and to be consistent with other term limits as approved by the board and proposed to the membership.

Article II: Officers; Section 3.    Term of Office:

1.         Add the following sentence after Section 3b:  Incumbents may succeed themselves twice.   

2.         It would then read: Secretary and Treasurer shall serve for two-year terms.  Incumbents may succeed themselves twice.  

Bylaw Change Rationale:

Why do we need to make a change to our Bylaws?

  • Two years ago, we reorganized the governing structure of PSLA – we shortened terms for officers and added the office of Vice President to make it possible for practicing school librarians to be involved in the leadership of PSLA.
  • Last year, we completed a major restructuring of our standing committees. 
  • This year, we changed term limits of the offices of secretary and treasurer to be in alignment with the directors.

Why do we need to change the term limits?

  • To provide more members the opportunity to serve on the PSLA Board
  • To be consistent with other term limits