Membership Types

Professional Active Members

School librarians as well as those who teach, direct, or supervise in the field of school library services and who are in agreement with the objectives of the Association shall become members of the Association upon payment of dues, in a timely manner. This category affords the member an active voice in the Association, receipt of all publications, as well as the opportunity to serve the Association in various capacities.

Active Member are dues are $60

(First-Time Active Members, once verified, will receive a bonus of 3 additional months added to your membership as a one-time offer)

Retired Active Member dues are $60

Associate Members

Includes individuals who are retired or not actively involved in the school library field or individuals and /or organizations actively promoting education throughout the Commonwealth. This category will include online publications and will not include voting privileges.

Associate Member dues are $30

Retired Associate Member dues are $30

Student Member dues are $25

(Individuals enrolled in a full-time program of school library services, undergraduate or graduate)